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The Four Goals Of A Successful SEO Campaign

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SEO Campaign
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Seasoned marketing professionals who accelerate the growth of Atlanta, GA technology companies, startups and small businesses. Our members provide strategic planning, tactical execution and innovative online marketing programs including:
◾Search Engine Marketing
◾Technical Writing
◾Internet Marketing Campaigns
◾Website Design
◾Pay-Per-Click Optimization
◾Event & Tradeshow Management
◾Corporate Branding
◾Social Media Marketing Programs

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Most people think of search engine optimization as a strategy for increasing sales through obtaining competitive rankings for keywords that attract a targeted audience ready to buy. While a good campaign can increase sales, it can actually accomplish a lot more than most businesses think. This article explores the four goals of a successful SEO campaign.

Increasing Sales

With billions of dollars in sales per year, the internet is a lucrative place for sellers. Attracting a targeted audience by using the same SEO keywords as searchers can lead people straight to your website at the exact moment they’re looking to buy. In fact, the more specific a keyword search, the more likely a person is to buy. For example, a person who searches for “used cars in Atlanta” is less likely to be ready to make a purchase than a person who searches for “used Volvo S40 2.4i Sedan in Atlanta.”

Building Your Brand

Branding your business using SEO is a great idea for companies of all sizes. Only large companies used to worry about branding in the past, but now small companies are also achieving high rankings specifically for branding purposes. Branding is important because people tend to make purchasing decisions based on the first brand that comes to mind.

For example, much of the commercial advertising for automakers is not to necessarily sell a certain car. It is to maintain their brand awareness so they have a consistent presence in the mind of future car buyers. When these car buyers are ready to buy a car, they often seek out the first brand that comes to their mind as being the most popular. In essence, by creating brand awareness, an automaker can increase sales over the long term. A good SEO campaign should also be structured to brand your online business.

Maintaining Your Reputation

While not always warranted, many businesses suffer from negative feedback online through forums, blogs, and other websites. When search engine optimization efforts allow this negative feedback posted online to rank in the search engine listings, it can damage your company reputation or the reputation of the products or services you sell. When negative feedback pops up during an internet search, many people will pass by your website whether the feedback was deserved or not.

For example, if a person has trouble with a certain automobile repair service and posts their experience online, people may avoid that automobile repair service after reading the feedback, even if the negative experience isn’t true. You can use search engine optimization to manage your reputation online by launching SEO campaigns that involve obtaining higher rankings for the same keyword phrases, possibly on multiple domains.

Increasing Your Traffic

Don’t confuse increasing the traffic to your website with increasing sales. Many times, it can be profitable just to increase the amount of traffic without worrying about converting visitors into sales. For example, many websites focus on generating revenue from advertisers, so a search engine optimization campaign that drives traffic from broad, less focused keywords can equal profit.

Whether you’re in Atlanta searching for a Volvo or you’re seeking a Saab in Chicago, search engine optimization can help you build your business in a number of ways.

Aaron Wittersheim writes informative articles for Whoast, a Chicago search engine optimization agency. They help clients increase their traffic and improve their ROI through results-driven SEO. Chicago serves as their headquarters, but they serve clients nationwide.

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The SEO Expert’s 7 Secret Skills For Campaign Success

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SEO Campaign
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Augur Marketing is located in Washington, DC and specializes in multi-channel marketing campaigns. Augur provides clients with the most combination of website development, search engine optimization (SEO), promotional events, and video production to raise awareness for your brand and to increase sales.

Generally speaking, SEO is an art of combined skill sets working in synergy to produce the best possible results in the search engines and of course, with your prospects. Every successful SEO expert understands and utilizes to the maximum extent of their knowledge these seven specific skills for maximum campaign success.

1. SEO Web Design. With the available tools and technology today, just about anyone with limited HTML knowledge can successfully produce an eye-catching website with flash animations and clever features to entice visitors. What some business owners don’t understand is that over 50% of your design work is actually done before a single code is written for your site.

Correctly built websites are constructed around specific keyword research and consumer clicking habits. Without a fundamental understanding of SEO and search engine algorithms, your website will not be structured properly, search engines will not index it properly, and ultimately, your targeted prospects will never find you. Websites are business owners most powerful marketing tool, and yet, have been some of their worst investments when not properly structured by an SEO expert.

2. HTML Coding. Site building software is sufficient enough for constructing a useable website. However, honing specific HTML coding skills is what sets apart the search engine winners from the losers. Advanced knowledge of search engine spider tendencies, algorithms and HTML coding is essential for any SEO campaign success. Search engines constantly update and change their indexing algorithms, making HTML coding an ongoing learning experience.

3. SEO Copy Writing. It’s a true art form. Incorporating your targeted keywords into seamless sentences while simultaneously creating a strong persuasive impact and call to action to prospects. It takes practice, practice and more practice! If you’re not already a strong writer, this may be one of the most difficult parts of constructing a successful SEO campaign.

4. SEO Marketing. Marketing is what we’re doing here, right? Marketing your company and products on the internet starts with researching consumer search and click habits directly related to your sector or niche. This is essential to success, as a site built around incorrect keywords or phrases will ultimately reach the wrong targeted audience.

5. Superior Eye For Detail. A quick and simple change to a web page can have devastating results if not addressed properly. A high search engine ranking can be lost overnight by a simple HTML error, among many other things. Having a keen eye for detail is key, as literally every dot and cross throughout your website plays a role in a successful SEO campaign.

6. Patience is a Virtue! Patience, patience, patience! It’s a must-have skill when working on a successful SEO campaign. Changes implemented today may take a week or longer to adjust themselves with the search engines or other linking assets. A common problem I see is with business owners who purchase a new domain, and expect it to surface on the search engine results pages (SERPS) overnight. New domains can have a “trial” period of 3 weeks, 3 months, or even 3 years before the search engines decide to index it. Patience and persistence is key!

7. Proper IT Knowledge. Fundamental IT and mathematical knowledge is the last secret weapon of SEO experts. Highly successful SEO experts have a strong understanding of programming at a detailed systems level. Combined with the aforementioned skills, IT knowledge wraps everything together in an easily recognizable plan of attack.

Founder and CEO of SkyMax, a Massachusetts SEO Company, Adam demonstrates a true passion for advanced and innovative search engine optimization strategies for sustainable, long term business growth.

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THE Creation AND Forthcoming Mindset OF E-COMMERCE

THE Creation AND Forthcoming Mindset OF E-COMMERCE

E-Trade, in other ideas, pertains to Electric commerce. Kenneth and Carol (1944) defined Automated trade as the exploitation of internet and on-line-based techniques to invest in and distribute items and assistance via the internet. Bajaj (1999) also contended that digital business is the exploitation of digital multimedia and non use of papers content to hold out business adventures which demand shopping for and selling of things and professional services . (more…)



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Modern education Full and Irreversible Revision in the Ideas Traditional Informative concepts by Us pedagogue James Botkin

Modern education Full and Irreversible Revision in the Ideas Traditional Informative concepts by Us pedagogue James Botkin

Revolutionary teaching really is a procedure that has been place in advance by an American pedagogue James Botkin. It demands a thorough and irrevocable revamp on the fundamental principles of hypotheses of standard helpful strategy. This new observe to education product has brought several debatable responses with time. (more…)