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How to Carry Out Link Building For an Effective SEO Campaign

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SEO Campaign
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SEO or search engine optimization is all about enticing the search engine spiders rather than impressing human visitors who come to the site. Link building is one of the most profound methods of achieving this objective. Considering this as an advantage, several website owners and SEO experts implemented every possible way to build links and get more indexing. And then, Google unleashed Penguin and backed it up with a Penguin update. The web world went berserk with turmoil because highly ranked sites sank steadily in rankings and low ranked sites shot up SERPs. So, webmasters and SEO experts had to reboot their link building strategies because they now had to please a bigger and stricter taskmaster – the Penguin.

It is all about quality

In the post Penguin world, link building has to be all about quality of links for an effective SEO campaign. The new search engine algorithm considers the source of visitors. So, if visitors are directed to your website from other highly ranked websites that are relevant to your website niche, you receive a higher ranking. Quantity of links does not matter if you have a few inbound links from .edu, .gov, news based, business and other authoritative websites. These are the toughest to get. If you can crack a deal, you earn a lot of brownie points with the flightless bird.

It is organic all the way

Penguin loves the organic way of life. So, it insists on organic link building, which is a bone of contention among website owners. It is simply not possible to exist in the present world of excessive competition if you stand by and let nature take its course. At the same time, you cannot afford to antagonize with the Penguin. The best you can do is to take measures that can increase the possibility of getting organic links. Some ways are enhancing the quality of content on your website and guest blogging.

Optimize on social media

Sharing on social media can be considered as organic linking. So, the more people share your page, the more links you accumulate. Since Penguin likes websites to build links with the main intention of sharing information, optimizing on social media can be extremely helpful for scaling search engine ranks. Good ways to encourage sharing is to provide tutorials, video guides, podcasts, infographics and other information that your visitors will find worth sharing. These contribute to organic linking.

Diversity counts

You cannot run an effective link building campaign if you have a hundred links from a single high ranked website. You have to ensure diversity of links. You can see better results if you have fifty links from twenty five different websites. Many links from a single source are considered to be spammy and so, they are worthless.

Deep linking

Linking to the home page is not as valuable as linking to the internal pages of a website because the main informative content always lies in the inner pages. Try to get as many internal links as possible.

So, get set to satiate the Penguin. It is not tough, after all.

Link building is an effective and important search engine optimization technique, which can be an integral part of your entire internet marketing campaign. Click on this link to know more!

Link Building for a Strong SEO Campaign

An uphill climb for clean and safe Namsan.
SEO Campaign
Image by USAG Yongsan
Col. Michael E. Masley, USAG Yongsan commander, Woo Jong-soo, Chief of Yongsan police station, and Park Seok-kyu, chairman of Yongsan-gu Council, lead a group of approximately 30 hikers up Mount Namsan starting the campaign to clean up Mount Namsan and prevent forest fires during a Namsan Hiking event, Nov. 7. (U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Lim Hong-seo)

If you are looking to try and increase your position in the search engines link building can be one of the most powerful SEO tools to use. Having links heading directly back to your website using carefully thought out target words can make a huge difference to your rank. These links need to be added to the right sites in order to achieve the most positive results, and this takes time and effort.

Knowing Where to Place Your URL Can be Difficult

If you do not have the connections online to create hundreds of links on relevant and respected websites you can choose a team of SEO experts to help. There are ways of finding help with your link building, and one of these is to outsource to experts who know exactly where to place your links and have the connections needed to build a strong campaign on your behalf.

If you have been tempted to use a generic program in order to submit links all over the Internet, it is worth taking a moment to look at the disadvantages which surround this technique. Unless the links are added manually you cannot be sure that the links are being created in a way which will reflect positively on your website.

Some Websites Do More Harm than Good

The links could end up on negative websites which will do more harm to your SEO campaign than good. If your URL addresses are not placed on respected sites which are closely related to your market the search engines may not give you the rank that you are after. You could be paying out for a service which is second rate and what results in your website dropping out of search altogether.

Choose a respected link building company who have the knowledge needed to start and maintain a positive campaign. There are teams waiting to help who will manually work on each and every link which is added online. In return you should see a strong and steady search engine optimisation campaign which brings you the results you are after for a very respectable price.

Link building is a great way of boosting your SEO campaign. Find out more by contacting the experts today.

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