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Successful SEO Campaign Can Boost Online Marketing

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SEO Campaign
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Blogging, Copywriting, and SEO panel at the sempdx searchfest 2009 – presentations included:

Rebecca Kelley7 Blogging Myths: The Black, The White & Everything In-Between
Heather Lloyd MartinIs your main site’s content "dateworthy?"
Stoney deGeyterGo Blog Yourself! Writing Your Blog Posts with Pen inHand and SEO In Mind

moderated by Scott Hendison

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People perform billions of searches on the internet via search engines every year. This certainly is a huge volume of traffic by any estimate. It is no wonder that the internet offers excellent online marketing prospects for entrepreneurs.

Will a large quantum of searches guarantee that your prospective customer will find your website on the first two pages of big names like Google, Bing and YAHOO? This will not happen unless your website has a high ranking.

If your website does not have a high ranking, you cannot expect Google to display your name on the first results. It will also mean you will lose out on reaching your target audience. Losing out visibility means you will be outperformed by competitors in your business. To be one-upping over your rivals in online marketing, you will need to optimize your website first.

How Do I Run A Successful SEO Campaign?

Search engine optimization is certainly no duck soup. Ask any novice who has tried to search for his or her website by typing in run-of-the mill keyword phrases. The answer will be loud and clear. You are nowhere in the reckoning if your keywords not chosen with care. Wrong keywords are not the only reason why your SEO campaign has failed to take off. There are some common concerns that need to be addressed in any online marketing campaign.

Defining the Goals

This is the launching pad for any online marketing campaign. You must first make your objectives clear. Decide whether you want to get more clicks, or an increase in clickthrough rate or an improvement in your return on investment.

Selecting the Right Keyword Phrases

Targeted keyword drives organic traffic. By choosing relevant keywords and placements you can reach your targeted audience more easily. This means you have to select a phrase that uniquely describes your business. Moreover, to have an edge over others, you may add relevant keyword variations, and think of using colloquial terms, synonyms and alternative spellings.

Optimizing For Conversions

For successful online marketing, your ads must convert to mean more business for you. This means users must complete the action that you intend them to do. If they do not, then, you need to evaluate your website design. Enhance the effectiveness of your website by improving content, adding catchy graphics, and by making it easy to navigate. You can try some tools which will enable you to test different versions of your website content such as wording, images and layout.

Setting Up Your Profile on Popular Social Networking Sites

You can go places by setting up your profile on Facebook, Twitter or Digg. People in such sites can be very responsive to your business promotional campaigns.

Finally Test and Amend Your Campaign

Analyze your present performance and determine the shortcomings so that you can make effective strategies to move ahead. For example, if you find that visitors are not responding to a specific call-for-action, cancel it and modify.

Success in Online marketing will take time. You may not be able to jump straightway to the top rankings on Google and Yahoo but sooner or later you will reach there if you keep monitoring and maintaining your website.

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SEO Campaign
Image by sean dreilinger
Online Reputation Management panel at sempdx searchfest 2009, including presentations from:

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moderated by anne kennedy of beyond ink

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If you are an owner of a small business, you might find it hard to market your products or services across all audiences. Big-time advertisement options such as television, radio, or newspaper might be out of your budget. These are often too expensive for small business owners, and it’s very hard to keep up with monthly dues to maintain your space on media, especially if you’ve just started running your company. But there are several options available in the form of internet marketing tools.

Internet marketing definitely costs a lot less than traditional advertising campaigns. Some might even be free of charge. But take note that free internet marketing tools are just as beneficial as the ones you have to pay for. Free online marketing tools can come in the form of blogging and social networking. Either way, you have to invest your time to continually update your accounts. This is important so your consumers can have the latest information about your company. If you don’t want to do it yourself, or don’t have the spare time to do so, you have the option of hiring an assistant to update your blogs or social networking accounts for you. Free blogging sites include Blogger and WordPress.

There are also online marketing tools that you need to pay for. Creating your own company website usually requires money. There are free web templates that you can use, but the best websites are those that are specially customized and designed by a professional for your company. Websites are an invaluable tool for any business, because many customers use the internet to gather information. You can also market your company through paid banner ads. The price usually depends on where and how long you want your banner ads to be shown. Generally, putting up banner ads on popular sites cost more.

These work by taking the internet user to your homepage once your banner advertisement is clicked. But they usually expire after a certain number of days, or after a certain visitors have clicked on your banner ad. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is another popular internet marketing strategy. This works by allowing search engines to scour your site for information so that your website will be included on the list of search results.

Your website will have to incorporate SEO concepts, and you may also have to pay a professional search engine optimizer for this. They will fill your site with SEO texts that is rich in keywords, and it is these keywords that search engines will look for. Internet marketing is a very useful tool for small businesses, or businesses which have only just started. With the variety of online marketing tools available today, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that works well for your business, and at the same time lies within your budget.

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