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SEO Campaign: The Best Online Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

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SEO Campaign
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Online Reputation Management panel at sempdx searchfest 2009, including presentations from:

Martin Bowling (not in attendance?)
Todd Freisen (filling in for martin bowling?) – Search – Simpsons’ Style – 2009
Tony Adam
Marty Weintraub How to Build
a Reputation Monitoring Dashboard Product
and related blog post: How
to Build a Reputation Monitoring Dashboard

moderated by anne kennedy of beyond ink

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If you are an owner of a small business, you might find it hard to market your products or services across all audiences. Big-time advertisement options such as television, radio, or newspaper might be out of your budget. These are often too expensive for small business owners, and it’s very hard to keep up with monthly dues to maintain your space on media, especially if you’ve just started running your company. But there are several options available in the form of internet marketing tools.

Internet marketing definitely costs a lot less than traditional advertising campaigns. Some might even be free of charge. But take note that free internet marketing tools are just as beneficial as the ones you have to pay for. Free online marketing tools can come in the form of blogging and social networking. Either way, you have to invest your time to continually update your accounts. This is important so your consumers can have the latest information about your company. If you don’t want to do it yourself, or don’t have the spare time to do so, you have the option of hiring an assistant to update your blogs or social networking accounts for you. Free blogging sites include Blogger and WordPress.

There are also online marketing tools that you need to pay for. Creating your own company website usually requires money. There are free web templates that you can use, but the best websites are those that are specially customized and designed by a professional for your company. Websites are an invaluable tool for any business, because many customers use the internet to gather information. You can also market your company through paid banner ads. The price usually depends on where and how long you want your banner ads to be shown. Generally, putting up banner ads on popular sites cost more.

These work by taking the internet user to your homepage once your banner advertisement is clicked. But they usually expire after a certain number of days, or after a certain visitors have clicked on your banner ad. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is another popular internet marketing strategy. This works by allowing search engines to scour your site for information so that your website will be included on the list of search results.

Your website will have to incorporate SEO concepts, and you may also have to pay a professional search engine optimizer for this. They will fill your site with SEO texts that is rich in keywords, and it is these keywords that search engines will look for. Internet marketing is a very useful tool for small businesses, or businesses which have only just started. With the variety of online marketing tools available today, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that works well for your business, and at the same time lies within your budget.

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A Seo Campaign For A Small Business

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SEO Campaign
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Small businesses seem to have been influenced by the misconception that only multinational companies need search engine optimization but this has made them overlook the benefits of such campaigns.

However, things have begun to change as these owners have realized that they will win much more if they choose to start a SEO campaign. One thing that you could do is to write the name of your town near the field of business. This could actually be a very good way of getting you noticed.

Before making any changes and starting a project you should be aware of some things. For instance, if you don’t want to write your own articles then you have the change to buy a SEO package that will include some bulk articles and press releases. Also, you can try to put your writing skills to practice and try to write the articles on your own. You should submit your articles on a daily basis to some of the major directories but the press releases should be submitted to some new websites.

Be cautious and see on what websites are your articles submitted to. Some sites don’t attract much traffic and are not visited by many people this is why you should make sure that your efforts have not been in vain. Also, don’t forget to research the public as well otherwise your rankings might not improve. The directories where you will submit the articles have strict rules so you should not omit to respect them as such. This will mean that even for a small business a SEO campaign is a continuous effort.

Make sure you create your link network. If you decide to link to various websites and blogs that are related to your business then you can be sure that at one point they will link back to you. If you’re not interested in waiting then all you have to do is make them a proposition of collaboration. Who knows? They might also need your help.

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