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Choosing A Good SEO Company Is Key To A Successful SEO Campaign

rebecca kelley – blogging, copywriting, and seo – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_9171
SEO Campaign
Image by sean dreilinger
Blogging, Copywriting, and SEO panel at the sempdx searchfest 2009 – presentations included:

Rebecca Kelley7 Blogging Myths: The Black, The White & Everything In-Between
Heather Lloyd MartinIs your main site’s content "dateworthy?"
Stoney deGeyterGo Blog Yourself! Writing Your Blog Posts with Pen inHand and SEO In Mind

moderated by Scott Hendison

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view rebecca kelley – blogging, copywriting, and seo – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_9171 on a black background.

With the increasing use of the internet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important technique for marketing products or services. To cater to this need, many companies have mushroomed, providing specialized SEO services at appealing prices. While these companies provide several advantages, it is critical to know about the important qualities that you should look for in an SEO company before hiring it.

The primary thing to look for in any SEO company should be the way it functions and whether it is ethical or not. Although an unethical technique might be able to yield results quickly, it can easily lead to search engine penalties, and might even create a bad impression on potential customers. The right way of attracting a lot of visitors is to select strategies that are well accepted, along with focusing on the standard of your website. The lawful practices are those that make use of good content targeted at certain keywords, the appropriate utilisation of Meta tags, and creating inbound links.

The SEO company must always stress on unique website content, which must have the required presence of keywords spread out naturally. These two factors are very important when it comes to raising the rank of your web pages on search results. Moreover, as content sharing plays a key role in SEO nowadays, the firm should be able to effectively use publicity material like articles and videos for free circulation.

The SEO company has to be updated with the latest technological developments and be able to offer end-to-end SEO services to you. Understanding your business, carrying out research work for discovering keywords that are often used by customers, and then detailing plans for getting in additional visitors to the site are all an integral part of that.

Knowledge of the different SEO tools and the best means to utilize them effectively will help create a successful SEO campaign. Having a good team with experience and skill to make the right choices of SEO techniques in different situations is the hallmark of a good SEO company.

Finally, it must always be remembered that SEO services can not be used once and then forgotten; instead, the firms should look to serve the customers on a regular basis. To deal with the modifications in the algorithms used by search engines, you must always keep optimizing and realigning your site to remain above the competition and that’s where an SEO company plays a crucial role.

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Search engine positioning is only worthwhile if you can keep track of it. The fact is, you can’t improve what you don’t track and that’s why we suggest you track everything! With SEO you are able to get a very clear, measurable result for your efforts. You are able to track your search engine traffic, where you appear on Google, unique visitors, actual pages visited, length of stay and of course, what your customers are buying. And that’s just the beginning. Tracking is a fundamental part of any successful SEO campaign

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What practices the best SEO company should do to be Successful

color me house delegate in the hot seat – panel seo critique – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_0333
SEO Campaign
Image by sean dreilinger

House of Antique Hardware
Color Me House
The Fruit Company


Danny Sullivan
Vanessa Fox
Adam Audette
Ian Lurie


Hallie Janssen
Kent Schnepp

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view color me house delegate in the hot seat – panel seo critique – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_0333 on a black background.

What practices the best SEO company should do to be Successful

What does it take for the best SEO company to be successfully? The best industry experts should be able to accurately judge actual strategy-based results through data tracking. By tracking the right data, company experts can utilise the right types of campaigns and gauge the right type of metrics. This is important if a company is trying to accurately predict how an SEO campaign is going to affect certain keywords or to adjust their method. If a company cannot gauge their performance indicators correctly, how do they know what long-tail keywords to use or gauge a performance solely on Google page rankings or organic SEO?

SEO is comprised of many factors. This is why it cannot be judged just on one set of criteria. In order to peg organic SEO as a good driver of business, the best SEO company must determine if an organic traffic spike is generated by segmented vs. unsegmented SEO. What is segmented SEO? This means SEO is wrongly attributed to a spike in branded SEO, because a TV spot may be causing consumers to search for the brand name. This is why non-branded SEO inquires may be better indicators of how your SEO campaigns are doing, if consumers want to focus on performance.

Keeping an eye on marketing channels can help SEO

In order to have a good SEO campaign, teams of SEO experts at the best SEO company need to communicate with each other. SEO departments should know about other marketing initiatives. For example, following annotations in organic search engine graphs (just using Google tools, may track marketing efforts and events that affect your SEO.

Targeting the right keywords, that bring the best results, may also help raise your standing on Google. Some experts may use keywords that are not as strong and implement them with other techniques and methods in order to boost page ranking results. If the SEO specialist choosing the keywords notices readers and users seem uninterested, they may recommend usability testing.

Spur readers to Action

Is SEO driving customers to complete forms online, read newsletters, or complete a purchase? Some of these results may be measurability, depending on what type of marketing program you may be using for SEO.

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Successful SEO Campaign Can Boost Online Marketing

stoney degeyter – blogging, copywriting, and seo – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_9143
SEO Campaign
Image by sean dreilinger
Blogging, Copywriting, and SEO panel at the sempdx searchfest 2009 – presentations included:

Rebecca Kelley7 Blogging Myths: The Black, The White & Everything In-Between
Heather Lloyd MartinIs your main site’s content "dateworthy?"
Stoney deGeyterGo Blog Yourself! Writing Your Blog Posts with Pen inHand and SEO In Mind

moderated by Scott Hendison

copyright © 2009 sean dreilinger
view stoney degeyter – blogging, copywriting, and seo – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_9143 on a black background.

People perform billions of searches on the internet via search engines every year. This certainly is a huge volume of traffic by any estimate. It is no wonder that the internet offers excellent online marketing prospects for entrepreneurs.

Will a large quantum of searches guarantee that your prospective customer will find your website on the first two pages of big names like Google, Bing and YAHOO? This will not happen unless your website has a high ranking.

If your website does not have a high ranking, you cannot expect Google to display your name on the first results. It will also mean you will lose out on reaching your target audience. Losing out visibility means you will be outperformed by competitors in your business. To be one-upping over your rivals in online marketing, you will need to optimize your website first.

How Do I Run A Successful SEO Campaign?

Search engine optimization is certainly no duck soup. Ask any novice who has tried to search for his or her website by typing in run-of-the mill keyword phrases. The answer will be loud and clear. You are nowhere in the reckoning if your keywords not chosen with care. Wrong keywords are not the only reason why your SEO campaign has failed to take off. There are some common concerns that need to be addressed in any online marketing campaign.

Defining the Goals

This is the launching pad for any online marketing campaign. You must first make your objectives clear. Decide whether you want to get more clicks, or an increase in clickthrough rate or an improvement in your return on investment.

Selecting the Right Keyword Phrases

Targeted keyword drives organic traffic. By choosing relevant keywords and placements you can reach your targeted audience more easily. This means you have to select a phrase that uniquely describes your business. Moreover, to have an edge over others, you may add relevant keyword variations, and think of using colloquial terms, synonyms and alternative spellings.

Optimizing For Conversions

For successful online marketing, your ads must convert to mean more business for you. This means users must complete the action that you intend them to do. If they do not, then, you need to evaluate your website design. Enhance the effectiveness of your website by improving content, adding catchy graphics, and by making it easy to navigate. You can try some tools which will enable you to test different versions of your website content such as wording, images and layout.

Setting Up Your Profile on Popular Social Networking Sites

You can go places by setting up your profile on Facebook, Twitter or Digg. People in such sites can be very responsive to your business promotional campaigns.

Finally Test and Amend Your Campaign

Analyze your present performance and determine the shortcomings so that you can make effective strategies to move ahead. For example, if you find that visitors are not responding to a specific call-for-action, cancel it and modify.

Success in Online marketing will take time. You may not be able to jump straightway to the top rankings on Google and Yahoo but sooner or later you will reach there if you keep monitoring and maintaining your website.

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The Four Goals Of A Successful SEO Campaign

Powerpoing Presentation / Design / Layout / Graphic
SEO Campaign
Image by MetroAtlantaMarketing
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Most people think of search engine optimization as a strategy for increasing sales through obtaining competitive rankings for keywords that attract a targeted audience ready to buy. While a good campaign can increase sales, it can actually accomplish a lot more than most businesses think. This article explores the four goals of a successful SEO campaign.

Increasing Sales

With billions of dollars in sales per year, the internet is a lucrative place for sellers. Attracting a targeted audience by using the same SEO keywords as searchers can lead people straight to your website at the exact moment they’re looking to buy. In fact, the more specific a keyword search, the more likely a person is to buy. For example, a person who searches for “used cars in Atlanta” is less likely to be ready to make a purchase than a person who searches for “used Volvo S40 2.4i Sedan in Atlanta.”

Building Your Brand

Branding your business using SEO is a great idea for companies of all sizes. Only large companies used to worry about branding in the past, but now small companies are also achieving high rankings specifically for branding purposes. Branding is important because people tend to make purchasing decisions based on the first brand that comes to mind.

For example, much of the commercial advertising for automakers is not to necessarily sell a certain car. It is to maintain their brand awareness so they have a consistent presence in the mind of future car buyers. When these car buyers are ready to buy a car, they often seek out the first brand that comes to their mind as being the most popular. In essence, by creating brand awareness, an automaker can increase sales over the long term. A good SEO campaign should also be structured to brand your online business.

Maintaining Your Reputation

While not always warranted, many businesses suffer from negative feedback online through forums, blogs, and other websites. When search engine optimization efforts allow this negative feedback posted online to rank in the search engine listings, it can damage your company reputation or the reputation of the products or services you sell. When negative feedback pops up during an internet search, many people will pass by your website whether the feedback was deserved or not.

For example, if a person has trouble with a certain automobile repair service and posts their experience online, people may avoid that automobile repair service after reading the feedback, even if the negative experience isn’t true. You can use search engine optimization to manage your reputation online by launching SEO campaigns that involve obtaining higher rankings for the same keyword phrases, possibly on multiple domains.

Increasing Your Traffic

Don’t confuse increasing the traffic to your website with increasing sales. Many times, it can be profitable just to increase the amount of traffic without worrying about converting visitors into sales. For example, many websites focus on generating revenue from advertisers, so a search engine optimization campaign that drives traffic from broad, less focused keywords can equal profit.

Whether you’re in Atlanta searching for a Volvo or you’re seeking a Saab in Chicago, search engine optimization can help you build your business in a number of ways.

Aaron Wittersheim writes informative articles for Whoast, a Chicago search engine optimization agency. They help clients increase their traffic and improve their ROI through results-driven SEO. Chicago serves as their headquarters, but they serve clients nationwide.

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How to ensure that your SEO campaign is successful

PopTech 2009 attendees, day 2 – 24
SEO Campaign
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in a Feb 24, 2010 blog titled "Millennials Make iPhone Adoption in Business and Law Firms Inevitable." It was also published in an Aug 23, 2010 blog titled "Forget the Elevator Pitch — Just Hand Over Your iPhone."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Mar 17, 2011 blog titled "Inbound Marketing Mobile Strategy." It was also published in a Mar 22, 2011 blog titled "Most Engaging Phone Apps: Top Picks May Surprise You." It was also published in an Jul 12, 2011 blog titled "Pew: 35% of American Adults Are Smartphone Owners." And it was published in an Aug 30, 2011 blog titled "Top 10 productivity apps for college students."

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in a Jan 5, 2012 blog titled "How to Communicate with a Young Gun." And it was published in a May 25, 2012 blog titled "How Do You Use Your Smartphone?" It was also published in an undated (late Jun 2012) blog titled "How Is ‘SoLoMo’ Changing Retail?" It was also published in a Jul 18, 2012 blog titled "Tailoring your mobile strategy to the “new” Millenials." And it was published in an Aug 29, 2012 blog titled "見ているWebページをリアルタイムで共有できるアプリ『シェア』登場!いちいちURLをメールしなくて済むからラクチンですよ!." It was also published in a Sep 26, 2012 Gawker blog titled "You’re All Paying Too Much for Your Stupid Phones." And it was published in an Oct 28, 2012 blog titled "iPhone Tip: 4 Ways to Decline a Voice Call."

Moving into 2013, the photo was published in a Jan 3, 2013 blog titled "A New Tech Invention for 2013." And it was published in a Jan 11, 2013 blog titled "Gearing up for #etmooc." It was also published in a Feb 13, 2013 Spanish blog titled "La seguridad, el precio y la sencillez, retos del pago por móvil en las empresas." And it was published in an Apr 5, 2013 Nice Mobile apps blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written on this Flickr page. It was also published in an Apr 12, 2013 blog titled "Guest Post: Tips for Pitching a Business Proposal They Will Remember." And it was published in an undated (late Apr 2013) blog titled "Must-have Apps to get your social work job done." It was also published in a Jul 1, 2013 blog titled "Say l8r to SMS: rise of chat apps means it’s time to talk wireless," as well as a Jul 13, 2013 blog titled "How to Easily Transfer Files Between Nearby Smartphones."

Moving into 2014, the photo was published in an May 2, 2014 blog titled "What to Look For in an Eco-Friendly Smartphone." It was also published in an Apr 29, 2014 blog titled "The Importance of “Mobile” in Learning." And it was published in a Dec 8, 2014 Business Insider blog titled "Why Facebook Forces A Bunch Of Its Engineers To Use Terrible, Low-End Phones."


Note: with rare exceptions, I don’t know the names of any of the individuals photographed in this set. If you know of them, please feel free to add a "tag" on the Flickr page; or if you know anyone who attended Pop!Tech this year, please tell them where they can find the Flickr set, so they can see whether they’re included among all the photos…


For approximately the sixth time since 2001, I attended the annual Pop!Tech conference in Camden, Maine; it’s always held in October, and this year, it took place on Oct 22-24. People often ask me what Pop!Tech is all about, and the simple answer is that it deals with the interaction between technology and society — most often in the form of lectures and presentations about the innovative ways that people around the world are using today’s technology to make a positive impact on a wide range of social problems. But rather than depending on my summary of what it’s all about, I recommend that you visit the Pop!Tech web site for more information.

Unlike previous years, I photographed almost every Powerpoint slide presented by each of the speakers throughout the conference. Combined with the photos that I took of conference attendees, that resulted in some 600 images on the first day — which I whittled down to 450 on this Flickr set, but that’s an overwhelming collection for anyone to look at.

For the second and third day of the conference, I decided to separate the photos of attendees from the straightforward photos of speakers and their Powerpoint slides. This set contains about three dozen images of attendees, and it will give you a good sense of the kind of people who invest their time and money to trek all the way to Camden, Maine to sit on uncomfortable seats for three days indulging in a sensory overload of materials from dozens of impassioned speakers. The attendees are from all over the U.S., and from several other countries too; they include both young and old; men and women; students and professors; academics and practitioners.

Aside from the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to social change (with or without technology), the other thing that is obviously shared among all of these attendees is the gadgetry they use to stay in touch with the world. You’ll see a predominance of Mac laptops in these photos; and you’ll also see a lot of iPhones and other "smart phones." Keep in mind that people were not chatting on their phones during these presentations; instead, they were using their smart-phones to email, Twitter, chat, and browse the Web.

Conference attendees from the third day of the conference will appear in a separate Flickr set, as soon as I can get them organized; and the speaker/presentation slides from the second and third day of the conference will also appear in separate Flickr sets.

A couple of technical notes: I used a Nikon D700 for all of these photos, mostly with a 70-300mm zoom lens. I sat in the balcony section of the Camden Opera House, where the conference took place, so I was primarily photographing other people in the balcony section. An equally large number of attendees were seated on the main floor of the building, but I didn’t see much point in photographing the tops of their heads. Because I could increase the ISO setting on the camera all the way up to 6400, I was able to get reasonably good images without a flash. The lights were turned on while I was photographing, but it was fairly dim in some areas; I did my best to compensate with an appropriate "white balance" setting on the camera.

If you are going to build a successful seo campaign, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. You should go over the traditional SEO work and keep in mind that getting the best ranking is not the only reason of doing the SEO. The best SEO has to be able to drive the traffic to the website from different sources and this may include mobile and social media.
The digital industry is changing and a search engine optimization campaign includes works which would not otherwise have been done in traditional SEO. Regardless of the name that you give top the campaign, if you are looking to get good returns on your investment, you have to make sure that you have long and short term goal in place. The short term goals of a SEO campaign is about knowing the on page SEO and to make sure that you understand what it is the state of your website in terms of the potential growth, weakness and strength. You can learn about these by using the available seo tools. The long term is about building the digital brand and to establish the proper presence of the social media.
If you are using an seo company for your SEO campaign, you have to know the report that you should get to ensure that your campaign is doing well. You have to make sure that your website is based on the right platform and not on the outdated one. Using a modern platform makes your website faster and secure and it is flexible when it comes to the designs. If you are using outdated or old designs, the first option is to migrate to a new platform before you ask for other seo services.
If you have a website but it is not working well, you may have to decide if you have to keep the old designs or if you have to change them for successful internet marketing. This is a hard decision because the feel and the look of the website may be subjective and what you think is the right thing for your website may not be the same as what the expert are suggesting. If you want to go with the existing platform, everything can be easier because you will have also to change the theme of the website. When the Google analytic was not installed on your site, you may get the data by using other tools available.
Before you start to do your seo campaign, you have to do an analysis to know where the traffic source is coming from. If you want to do this, you have to check the traffic source by using Google analytics. You have also to do a SEO audit to know the action plan to follow. The audit is going to help you in deciding where you have to improve the on page and off page SEO.
Nowadays, the search engine optimization campaign cannot be complete if you do not include social media. Before you building the links was more important but now social media is gaining importance.

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