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User’s Help In A Seo Campaign

This little friend is ready for the Hurricane…
SEO Campaign
Image by WilliamMarlow
My little buddy is ready for the Hurricane.

On the business front, I recently launched a new website for Will Marlow, LLC, which is where I help businesses and other organizations launch Google AdWords campaigns, conduct SEO, and do multiple types of Public Relations and digital Public Relations, as well as photography that is optimized for social media and PR.

Just thought I’d let everyone here know a little more about what my day job is.

And, for the record, my dog Winston’s job is to be incredibly adorable.

Search engines have a habit of changing the algorithms from time to time in order to improve the results. For this reason the SEO experts always have to come up with new ways of generating traffic on websites. One of the best ways and also the most traditional ones to gain more traffic is the simple article writing, However, we should admit that there are also some other important and efficient ways of generating traffic besides this.

There is one thing that most webmasters and also SEO experts tend to overlook and that is the user generated traffic. Such traffic is very useful in search engine optimization campaigns. The user content is a very solid evidence of the fact that people are interested in the information you provide on your website and also they want to share their opinions.

Your comments are also analyzed by search engines. When you have a lot of them on a page then you can be sure that the search engines will notice and will rank your site accordingly. The bottom line idea is the more the better. It is not important if your readers start arguing with one another as long as they don’t start using fowl language.

Most webmasters have the tendency to characterize the comment and review section as the least of their worries. If they moderate any discussions it is only done to remove all spam comments and nothing more. A simple thing that they could actually do is to use the best comments or reviews and place them on other pages of their website. Such comments have to be relevant for the specific topics and subjects that you are trying to exemplify. Also they should not have any grammar or spelling mistakes. Don’t forget to link to the page that has more traffic and in this way help the website become more noticeable.

Every proper SEO campaign means much more than link building (even if this part is very important). The SEO experts have to constantly find out new ways of improving the traffic on their websites. Also, you should make sure that you have only high quality content on your site, that you choose the right keywords and so on.

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